About Sage Larock


SAGE LAROCK offers a modern image of luxury - clothing that supports women feeling beautiful both inside and out. We create our clothing entirely from sustainable, recycled or organic materials, and produce ethically and locally, using non-toxic and plant based dyes. 

SAGE LAROCK is committed to environmental and social excellence throughout every stage of production, utilizing high quality materials and ethical garment manufacturing. We use only sustainable fabrics such Oeko-Tex Standard certified Italian swim & activewear fabric, which is made from upcycled fishing nets recovered from the ocean rather than virgin polyester fabric, which is made from petroleum oil, is highly chemically intensive, and is the least sustainable fabric available.

By instead using upcycled fishing nets, we help keep our Ocean clean, marine life safe, create 80% less carbon emissions than regular swim & active fabric, and hope to create solutions to utilize the 640,000 tons (equivalent to 2 Empire State Buildings) of nylon fishing nets that are dumped in our Ocean every year. Also, we never use fabrics such as rayon or viscose that are often sourced from the world’s ancient and endangered forests.

We have partnered with NGO’s HealthySeas.org & Ghost Divers to give back a percentage of our swim & active sales and also NGO Canopy to ensure endangered forests are not logged to make clothing, and to advance sustainable creative solutions for the fashion industry that protect key global conservation areas. Here is a link to our commitment with Canopy.

By producing all garments locally at our headquarters in Los Angeles, adherence to fair labor practice is assured and our commitment to the environment is upheld - no waterways are poisoned with toxic chemicals or dyes, no animals are harmed and no child, sweat shop, or slave labor is ever used.

SAGE LAROCK was founded in 2015 by Los Angeles based model turned designer Taryn Sage Larock to offer women a sustainable & ethical alternative to traditional made apparel. Taryn worked as a model in the US & Europe before studying Philosophy, and later went on to study fashion design at the Otis College of Art and Design and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and apprenticed under eco-fashion pioneer Linda Loudermilk in Los Angeles.

SAGE LAROCK was recently awarded 'Best Made in California Brand' by the Los Angeles Business Journal (PETA Nominated), and has been featured in the Zoe Report, Modern Luxury Magazine & Angeleno Magazine.